BHV Herhaling Engels / ERO refresher training

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 Emergency Response Officer Refresh Training

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The Emergency Response Officer refresher training (BHV herhalingscursus in Dutch) can also be followed in English. For employees who have followed a basic ERO training, we offer the Emergency response Officer English refresher course. With this ERO training you renew your certificate.

Our advise is to refresh your knowledge, memory and skills because knowledge and skills become ingrained with more practice. This allows you to act with certainty. We annually provide new teaching content and updated teaching methods so that the emergency response officer training in English remains varied.

It is necessary to repeat to fulfill your duties correctly when an emergency arises. After you have finished the training and you have been declared competent by the teacher, you will receive a new emergency response certificate that is valid for a year. After a year, you will have to repeat your training again to make sure that your skills are still up to the required standards.
Our courses are certified according to the NIBHV

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